Nuthobel Weiss & Sohn Wien Vienna/e 1910 A


4 Antworten to “Nuthobel Weiss & Sohn Wien Vienna/e 1910 A”

  1. Lüdi Willi Says:

    Guten Tag,
    ich bin auch ein Hobelsammler, und meine Frage ist, sind die Hobel noch zu kaufen? Gruss Willi Lüdi

  2. Great web site! Gives me something to try to achieve. I have a question. one of the planes above, Joh Weiss & Sohn, has a wooden wedge, is this original or a replacement of the metal pressure plate?
    Again, great site ,

  3. hobelaxt Says:

    sorry howard iforgot to answer as i wanted to check my catalogue for the answer. i think the wooden wedge is a perfect replace, but iam not sure.. in the 1917 catalogue this feature is extra explaned and praised, as it was uncommon to austro-german planes.
    tool collecting is no science in these 2 countries, i went on your site you explain much more than my, but i rather collect than do research. you have a plough by weiss with carvings, the initals form the word maria, the mother of good. there are quiete a lot of weissplanesthat had been carved by craftsmen, in catholic austria in protestant parts in germany decorating was uncommon, this was something the catholics did. often using pagean (wheel,sun,pentagram) and christian sybols on one tool to be sure, one would help. like the little viking mould found in scandinavia, the smith could mould thors hammer and the cross in 1 mould, practical
    i learnt this from wolfgang jordan of kleine werkzeugmuseum. little toolmuseum, which is a giant understatement, as he does a lot of research. maybe you ask him? greetings christian

  4. My apologies. I have done very little with my collection this year and this is the first time that I have checked your web site in months. I thank you very much for the information particularly about the word MARIA on my Weiss plane.
    As to Wolfgang Jordan’s „little tool museum“. It is an encyclopedia for antique European carpenter tools. I have gotten most of my information there.
    Again, my apologies and I thank you.
    Till next time, God Bless and have a good day.

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