56cm 18.-19.jh SLO

side axe doloire ascia


2 Antworten to “56cm 18.-19.jh SLO”

  1. Hello Christian,
    It’s for another item I realize but could not find it. also my message sent to your email has been returned so I try contact this way. So this is really not as a public comment I think its clear.
    I have long admired your kreuzaxt and because I am looking for one was pleased to see it on offer through ebay and I have made an opening bid. Only after did I see there was no sending to The Netherlands and that’s where I am living. Is it true? Well, I am also looking for a broadaxe for the left hander that I am. Well, I wait your reply,


    Don wagstaff

  2. Also, I look for a sappie…

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