3 Heben, 1 Messer; 3 billhooks, 1 knife; 3 couteau-dèbroussailleur, 1 couteau 18.-19.jh A

GB/US/AU/NZ/CA/ZA: billhook; bill-hook; bill hook; bill; hand bill; hedge-bill; hedging-bill; pruning hook; spar hook; broom hook; block hook; block bill; fascine knife etc

FR: serpe; serpette; poudo; goyarde; gouet – IT: roncola pennato; mannaia, maraccio – DE: hippe; heppe; gertel; braxe; praxe; hebe; haumesser; rebmesser; wintzer messer

ES: podóne; podäo; podal; podadora; tajamata; hoz; hocino – NL: hakmes; snoeimes; kapmes; hakbijl – FI: vesuri; kassara – SE: faskinkniv; lovkniv

PL: tasak; siekacz – HR/RS: kosir; rankun; mašan – HU: metszõkés; kacor – BG: koser; kostur – GR: kladeftiri; κladeuterion

mein dank geht an; many thanks to;grand merci a:     Bob Burgess


Eine Antwort to “3 Heben, 1 Messer; 3 billhooks, 1 knife; 3 couteau-dèbroussailleur, 1 couteau 18.-19.jh A”

  1. I would class all of these as billhooks/hippen (hebe)/serpes not sickles/sicheln/faucilles as they are intended to cut wood, not grass nor to havest grain… Smaller ones were used as pruning hooks by gardeners and wine growers, larger ones by farmers and countrymen for tidying hedges, cutting firewood etc. The smaller half moon blade would be used on a long wooden handle for hedge trimming etc. The larger one with the decorated blade has a tubular iron handle (not intended for a wooden insert) and is typical of those from southern Austria and parts of Hungary. The small straight bladed version has a thicker section where the tang starts, and is also a type of billhook, possibly used for harvesting corn (maize) a grain with thick woody stems. The billhook has many regional and dialact names in Germany, Austria, France and also the UK…

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