Sechmesser +Initialien & Lebensbaum; coulter, tree of life; coutel/ coutre, arbre de la vie 56cm A

Steinabweiser, der vor der Pflugschar montiert war. was fixed in front of the blade of a farmer`s plough, to protect the blade from damage, caused by stones. se fixant verticalement sur le charrue pour fendre la terre devant  le soc. Et de  protéger le soc contre les rochers

coulter & coutre origine/Herkunft : culter=latin  Messer, blade, couteau


Eine Antwort to “Sechmesser +Initialien & Lebensbaum; coulter, tree of life; coutel/ coutre, arbre de la vie 56cm A”

  1. Called in English a ‚coulter‘ (from latin ‚culter‘ meaning a knife) from which also derives the words ‚cutlery‘ in Englsih and ‚couteau‘ and ‚coutellerie‘ in French. In Old English it was spelled ‚culter‘, and in Old French ‚coltre‘.
    The word survives in French as ‚coutre‘ a tool for splitting wood (also called a departoir or fendoir – in English a ‚froe‘.
    The Tree of Life symbol, and decoration in general, is not common on English edge tools, but was common in Central and Northern Europe.

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